Cleanrider: diversifying the revenue streams of a medium dedicated to electric mobility

Media specializing in electric two-wheelers
Cleanrider depended mainly on advertising for its revenue. This single dependency was risky, requiring diversification of revenue sources.
The introduction of Affilizz represented a significant improvement for affiliation over the WordPress plug-in initially used.
The team notes a significant improvement in terms of time savings and peace of mind thanks to automatic updates of affiliate content.

About us

Cleanrider is part of the Brakson Group, which also includes Chargemap, Automobile Propre, Révolution Énergétique and Mister EV. Cleanrider focuses on electric two-wheelers and related accessories.

Before Affilizz, affiliation was managed manually with WordPress plugins, which was time-consuming and inefficient. Using Affilizz allowed us to benefit from automatic price updates, and various display formats such as price tables, cards and carousels. This solution simplified the process and saved us a lot of time.

Preferred features

  • Customize CTA rendering
  • Deals tool to find great deals
  • Variety of formats (price tables, maps, carousels)
  • Performance monitoring to optimize editorial strategy

Tips and best practices

For media wishing to affiliate, the key is to target the content where the affiliation will add real value to the content. Affiliation must serve the audience, must give it a little something extra: so it's important to target the places where affiliation will be most useful to the readership.

They talk about it better than we do...

"The granularity of the data provided by Affilizz is essential. This allows us to know exactly what content is generating revenue, make informed choices, and uncover high-performing niches. "
Rémi Porta
Content to Commerce Manager, Clubic
"Affilizz is deeply integrated into our site, and without it, setting up the Transition Vélo affiliation would have been a huge job. We might even have given up on creating our media. "
Rémi Jacquet
Co-founder of Transition Vélo
"The automatic updating of prices and maps thanks to scripts, which ensures the accuracy of the information displayed and reduces the time spent manually updating content. "
Louis Eustache
Content and Partnership Project Manager, Le Point
"Affiliation on YouTube is all about video descriptions. It's now much faster and simpler through Affilizz. "
Mathis & Gauthier
Founders, FrenchHardware
"We've been using Affilizz since its inception, and the tool is constantly evolving to enable us to manage Xboxygen's affiliation as easily as possible. We can monitor statistics in great detail and quickly create content. "
Thomas Nuttin
Founder, Xboxygen
"The simplicity of implementation saves time and effort searching for products. "
"Thanks to Affilizz tools, I've halved the time spent writing my Lost In The Bricks newsletter. "
Christophe Harmand
Creator of the Lost In The Bricks Newsletter
"From a time-saving and peace-of-mind point of view, Affilizz is a real plus. "
Régis Jehl
Associate Editor Cleanrider

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