Unlocking the potential of affiliation for content producers

Affiliation, a new growth driver for content creators, is developing strongly in France, while it already accounts for a quarter of the sales of international media groups.

There are a number of reasons for this rise:

Covid-19 accelerates online purchases
The increasing capture of advertising revenues by GAFAMs as they charge more and more for acquisition,
The natural reflex to compare prices
90% of major brands now offer affiliate programs

It is therefore in the interest of all media and creators to mention the price of products in their content. Those who fail to do so refer their readers to search engines and price comparison services.

Affilizz, our SaaS platform, redefines the affiliate marketing landscape and reduces the associated management time by 70%, thanks to :

Affilizz radically simplifies affiliation.

By freeing up time previously devoted to creating, integrating and maintaining affiliate links, the media can concentrate on improving the quality and increasing the quantity of their content. The result is a virtuous circle: readers benefit from reliable, transparent information, while the media are rewarded for their creative work and expertise.

Thanks to our experience and technical expertise, we work with all the players involved in affiliation to make Affilizz a sustainable source of income for everyone.

The Affilizz team
Florent Alzieu, Nicolas Pétillon, Charles Besselièvre, Adrien Deprez, Simon Ducoulombier, Florian Dubois, Loïc Delecroix, Romain Huret, Vincent Alzieu