Clubic: developing the affiliate revenues of a historic site

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Making affiliation a major source of income
Integrating Affilizz has made it possible to automate the creation of coupons, considerably reduce the time spent manually updating offers and discover interesting niches.
Today, affiliation accounts for 30 to 40% of the medium's revenues, and continues to grow.

About us

Founded in 2000 and acquired by the M6 group in 2008, Clubic has long relied on advertising and a price comparison site to generate revenue. In 2018, following a buyout by its former managers, the site evolved towards a content-to-commerce model, with firstly bargains, then comparisons, buying guides, tests, etc. Today, affiliation is a very important source of revenue for Clubic, with a growing share compared to advertising.

The collaboration with Affilizz was motivated by several needs:

  • Process automation: Affilizz has significantly reduced the time spent manually updating product offers and prices.
  • Detailed statistical tracking: Clubic now benefits from data granularity that enables performance to be analyzed by content, product category and merchant.
  • Flexibility and support: The Affilizz team was extremely responsive, adapting their tools to Clubic's specific needs.

Preferred features

Here are the main benefits that Clubic's teams have noted following the integration of Affilizz:

  • Time savings: Before Affilizz, a person would spend almost half their time updating prices manually. Today, this task takes just a few minutes a week.
  • Accurate, actionable data: The granularity of the data provided by Affilizz enables Clubic to optimize its content and discover high-performance niches.
  • Automation: Clubic has fully integrated Affilizz's turnkey solution for special offers

Tips and best practices

Clubic opted for a custom integration in order to retain its product database and because of specific needs. For smaller or less mature media, Affiliz's turnkey solution is ideal.

They talk about it better than we do...

"The granularity of the data provided by Affilizz is essential. This allows us to know exactly what content is generating revenue, make informed choices, and uncover high-performing niches. "
Rémi Porta
Content to Commerce Manager, Clubic
"Affilizz is deeply integrated into our site, and without it, setting up the Transition Vélo affiliation would have been a huge job. We might even have given up on creating our media. "
Rémi Jacquet
Co-founder of Transition Vélo
"The automatic updating of prices and maps thanks to scripts, which ensures the accuracy of the information displayed and reduces the time spent manually updating content. "
Louis Eustache
Content and Partnership Project Manager, Le Point
"Affiliation on YouTube is all about video descriptions. It's now much faster and simpler through Affilizz. "
Mathis & Gauthier
Founders, FrenchHardware
"We've been using Affilizz since its inception, and the tool is constantly evolving to enable us to manage Xboxygen's affiliation as easily as possible. We can monitor statistics in great detail and quickly create content. "
Thomas Nuttin
Founder, Xboxygen
"The simplicity of implementation saves time and effort searching for products. "
"Thanks to Affilizz tools, I've halved the time spent writing my Lost In The Bricks newsletter. "
Christophe Harmand
Creator of the Lost In The Bricks Newsletter
"From a time-saving and peace-of-mind point of view, Affilizz is a real plus. "
Régis Jehl
Associate Editor Cleanrider

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