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Who we are

Based in Lesquin, a stone's throw from dynamic Lille, our startup, launched in January 2023, favors product-led growth . After a successful fundraising round, we're strengthening our tech team, already 7 strong, with 4 talented developers to propel our SaaS solution to new horizons 🚀

Affilizz enables content producers (media, bloggers and influencers) to increase their independence through a stable source of income via affiliation. Faced with an industry lacking in technological innovation, we combine our expertise with that of the co-founders of Les Numériques to ensure growth and economic stability for our customers.

For us, technology is more than just a tool : it's the very essence of who we are. Every decision is taken with a customer-focused, innovation-driven vision. With a CEO who is himself a passionate developer, we are resolutely focused on excellence and innovation. If you're looking for a challenge and a technological adventure , Affilizz is the place for you.

And that's just the beginning! Our adventure is taking us into the international ar ena, with strong growth, prestigious customers and career development opportunities thanks to the forthcoming strengthening of our tech teams.

When you join us, we expect you to make an active contribution and embrace our values.

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(Front and/or Back)

Location: Lesquin, Lille
Positions available:
Benefits: luncheon vouchers, health insurance, 8 RTT per year, reimbursement of public transport costs, BSPCE.
Flexibility: The team alternates between telecommuting and face-to-face work to strengthen ties and promote a comfortable lifestyle.
Technologies: Kafka, Kubernetes, MongoDB, Elasticsearch, Redis, Data Streaming.

What we are looking for

You're passionate about learning, curious and always ready to challenge the status quo. You love to solve problems and take on challenges. Your love of technology drives you to experiment and value iteration as an integral part of the process.

You believe that technology can have a positive effect, and you like to learn continuously. You're an active person and want to deliver real products to end-users.

You are friendly, flexible and pragmatic. We're not looking for solitary geniuses, but people who like to work as part of a team.

Recruitment process

We'll put your skills and ability to analyze and solve problems to the test during our interview process. We value students from all disciplines and people who are retraining for tech careers.

Why choose us?

PS: If, after reading this, you have any doubts about your suitability for one of the positions, please don't hesitate to contact us. We value candidates who want to grow and develop.

PS 2: we are currently working with the Cristal laboratory in Lille to set up an AI-related research project via a CIFRE contract. If you're a Master's student and would like to embark on a PhD, contact us!

PS 3: At the risk of ticking a few startup cliché boxes, we've got a ping pong table and it's about time someone joined us to kick Charles's ass...

Our values

Be open

This is a professional setting. Be kind to your colleagues. Harassment and other exclusionary behaviors are not acceptable. This includes, but is not limited to:

Debate is virtuous

Disagreements are common, but they don't have to lead to bad behavior. Frustration must not turn into personal attacks. Rather than seeking to "win", we should aim for mutual understanding. Differences of opinion can be learning opportunities.

Inclusion is essential

Inclusion, at Affilizz, goes beyond mere tolerance to create a place where everyone feels valued and heard, regardless of their origins or beliefs. We cultivate a culture where every voice counts, and where diversity fuels innovation. Every day, we seek to value and understand the multiple perspectives that enrich our team.

What can you do if something doesn't seem right?

Deal with problems as soon as they arise for easier management. Speak up if you feel safe. If not, confide in a third party. This person can inform those in charge anonymously if necessary.

You represent the company

During a presentation, you embody Affilizz in the eyes of your audience. In the presence of a customer or during a meeting, you symbolize the only image they will have of the company. Don't forget this responsibility when you consider the above points.

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