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How to write a good buying guide with Affilizz tools?


Affiliate marketing is an increasingly popular monetization method for content publishers. There are generally three types of content that can be used to generate affiliate income: product reviews, product tips and buying guides.
How do you write a good buying guide, both for Google and for your audience? Your article needs to be honest, informative, with clear advice and prices.

Here's how to write a good buying guide that will help you generate affiliate income, using the various Affilizz tools: buttons, cards and price tables.

Affilizz templates

Illustrated tools

Your affiliate links should be integrated in a natural way. Be careful not to overload your content, as this could damage the credibility of your guide. Include clear and precise calls to action to encourage your readers to click on your affiliate links.

Here are the various Affilizz tools you can use in your shopping guides, which will automatically update the prices of products on sale in the widget stores:

  • A dynamic CTA button(for Call To Action) with the option of displaying a promotional code when available. It updates in real time to display the lowest price.

The CTA can commonly close an article to offer a simple exit door.

  • A price table: as with the button, prices are updated in real time. You can add multiple tabs to highlight different versions of a product, as with this smartphone. Visuals adapt automatically. Affilizz offers two formats: horizontal table, or vertical table.

Horizontal price table: the table is commonly used in "product test" or "bargain" attacks to show the whole range of offers, to give readers a choice, to prove that a bargain really is one, by contrasting one offer with that of other stores.

The vertical board is very useful for highlighting products. This format is recommended for beautiful products: make-up, clothes, headphones...

  • 2 or 3-column cards : this enriched format is very popular, particularly in American buyers' guides(Wirecutter, The Verge, Cosmopolitan...). It can be used to attach additional information, such as product pros and cons, or notes, and can be reused within multiple content areas (for example, a "best smartphones" guide and a "smartphones for photography" guide).

2-column map (desktop version)

3-column map (desktop version)

  • Finally, the link, either "simple" or "magic". The "simple" link is Affilizz's on-the-fly transformation of a link copied from a store. In just 1 click, you get an "affiliate link". The "magic" link points not to a specific offer, but dynamically to THE best available offer of the day, or even of the hour, among a whole range of stores. Such links are useful in article and shopping guide introductions (commonly in text preceding an initial price table) and on social networks.

Choose a topic that is relevant and sought after by Internet users

The first step in creating a successful buyer's guide is to choose a topic that interests your audience, according to your media's theme, and that has a high demand. Research current trends and consumer needs. You can use tools like Google Trends (free), SEMRush or Ahrefs to help you identify popular topics.

Here are a few examples of popular requests for buying guides in different fields:

  • Tech and electronics:
    - "Best smartphones 2023"
    - "Buying guide for wireless headphones"
    - "SLR cameras comparison"
  • Home and garden:
    - "Top 10 robot vacuum cleaners"
    - "Buying guide for coffee machines"
    - "Best electric lawnmowers"
  • Fashion and accessories:
    - "Buying guide for connected watches"
    - "Comparison of trendy handbags"
    - "Top 5 running shoes"
  • Beauty:
    - "Best ionic hair dryers"
    - "Anti-ageing creams buying guide"
    - "Comparison of electric toothbrushes"
  • Sport and leisure:
    - "Top 10 electric bikes"
    - "Buying guide for yoga mats"
    - "Best hiking boots".
  • Travel and tourism:
    - "Comparative rolling suitcases"
    - "Buying compact cameras for travel"
    - "Top 5 must-have travel accessories"

These sample queries can give you an idea of popular topics for buying guides in different niches. Feel free to adapt these examples to your area of expertise and audience.

Identify the best products or services to recommend

Once you've chosen a topic, it's time to select the products or services you're going to recommend. It's essential to choose quality products that are in line with your audience's needs. Take the time to thoroughly research the features, pros and cons of each product, as well as customer reviews.

Create a structured plan for your buyer's guide

A good buying guide should be structured in a way that makes it easy for your audience to read and understand. Here's a basic structure you can use for your buying guide, step by step:

  • Introduction: Introduce the subject of your guide.
  • Product presentation: Briefly introduce each recommended product or service, highlighting its main features.
  • Product comparison: Compare products against each other, highlighting their respective advantages and disadvantages.
  • Buying guide: Provide practical advice to help your readers choose the best product or service for their needs.
  • Conclusion: Summarize the key points of your guide and encourage your readers to take action using your affiliate links.

Write quality, engaging content

Your buying guide should be written in a clear, concise and engaging way. Use a conversational tone and avoid technical jargon wherever possible. Consider including visual elements such as images, comparison charts and infographics to make your content more engaging.

If you rely on an external source, or several sources, to produce your pages: quote them, add links, it's also good for SEO because it's a guarantee of credibility.

Make sure your guides last: update them. This is also the best way to ensure that Google continues to positively impact page ranking. A monthly update is recommended for the main contents.

Optimize your shopping guide for SEO

Once you've written your buying guide and integrated your affiliate links, you need to make sure it's properly optimized for search engine visibility, in order to attract organic traffic and generate affiliate revenue. Here are a few tips for optimizing your content for SEO:

  • Look for relevant keywords and integrate them naturally into your content, for example in a FAQ that closes your buyer's guide, and incorporates questions similar to those a web surfer would ask.
  • Use H1, H2 and H3 tags to structure your content and make it easier for search engines to read.
  • Create eye-catching meta titles and meta descriptions to encourage visitors to click on your shopping guide in the search results.
  • Optimize your images by using small file sizes and including descriptive ALT tags.
  • Get quality backlinks by sharing your buying guide on social networks, forums and relevant websites.

Promote your buying guide

Once your buying guide is published, it's crucial to actively promote it to attract visitors and generate affiliate income. Here are some promotional strategies you can use:

  • Share your buying guide on your social networks and encourage your followers to share it.
  • Create complementary blog posts or videos on the same topic to attract more traffic.
  • Notify your subscribers by email when this new buying guide is published.
  • Collaborate with other content publishers or influencers to promote your buying guide.

Follow your buyer's guide and adjust accordingly

It's important to track the performance of your shopping guide in terms of traffic, link clicks and conversions. Tools such as Google Analytics allow you to analyze this data, but Affilizz also offers an intuitive performance tracking table. If you find that certain parts of your buying guide aren't working well, don't hesitate to adjust them.

Affilizz Dashboard
Affilizz performance tracking chart

Which boutiques, which programs...?

In the current era of digital marketing, Amazon is positioning itself as a major company for many e-commerce players. Many content creators see it as an essential ally in boosting their sales, which commonly account for up to 70% of revenues at the outset (then even out and continue to evolve). In addition to its many services, the company offers the much-appreciated Amazon Associates program. In parallel, tools such as Google Analytics and Affilizz prove invaluable for analyzing user behavior and conversion rates on product sheets.

A carefully crafted buying guide, coupled with an effective comparison table, greatly increases the likelihood of a visitor clicking on an affiliate link. The addition of an explicit CTA (call to action), such as "Add to cart", simplifies the purchasing process. Affiliate programs such as Amazon Associates and Click Bank are renowned for their attractive commissions. However, content quality remains paramount. Relying on specialized tools, such as video editing or site creation software, is often a wise move.

Digital marketing is about more than just affiliates. Whether it involves social networking or advertising campaigns, the strategy adopted is crucial. To increase their reach, major brands such as Nike, Reebok and Samsung partner with various programs, whether hosted on third-party platforms or directly integrated with Affilizz. Equipped with the right tools, professionals can maximize the impact of their initiatives, from recommendations to video reviews. In short, excelling in digital marketing requires skillfully capturing the public's attention, whether through financial investments or judicious affiliations.

Key points to remember
  • Choose a topic that is relevant and sought-after by Internet users for your buying guide.
  • Identify the best products or services to recommend.
  • Create a structured plan to make your buyer's guide easy to read and understand.
  • Write quality, honest, engaging and visually appealing content.
  • Integrate your affiliate links naturally using Affilizz tools.
  • Optimize your shopping guide for search engine optimization (SEO).
  • Promote your buying guide on all your channels.
  • Track the performance of your buying guide and adjust it accordingly to maximize affiliate income.
  • Transparency and trust with your audience are the key to the success of your affiliate marketing strategy.
  • Conclusion

    By following these tips, you'll be able to create a quality shopping guide that generates affiliate revenue for your site or blog. Remember, success in affiliate marketing depends on the trust of your audience and the quality of your recommendations. Take the time to get to know the products and services you recommend, and be transparent with your readers.

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