Affiliation income

How can I make money with affiliation as an influencer?

Are you an influencer and/or content creator looking to monetize your visibility? The first idea that comes to mind is, logically, product placement. Today, we're going to show you that affiliation can be just as interesting a source of income. How do you go about it? We'll explain.

Why affiliate as an influencer?

As an influencer, you enjoy the trust of your audience, often built up over many years. When a product or service is presented via product placement, this trust is put at stake. Affiliate marketing works in a similar way: the product presented is intended to be sold by the brand. However, it's crucial to note that, unlike product placement, you're not tied to a specific brand with affiliation, as you can promote products from a variety of merchants (provided they have an affiliate program).

All you have to do is place an affiliate link in the description of a video or on a social network. When a subscriber clicks on this link and makes a purchase, you get paid. In other words, you create new monetization opportunities without waiting for a brand to contact you. This gives you greater freedom in the creation of your content, and that's a very good thing.

What do you need to get started in affiliation?

If you've never monetized your content with affiliate marketing, there are a few prerequisites to avoid disappointing results.

Quality content

Quality content is one of the pillars of affiliate marketing. Whether you're producing written content, videos, photos or anything else, your work must be qualitative to interest your audience. Over time, you'll earn your audience's trust, but only if your work is of the highest quality. A word of advice: stay true to yourself and keep sharing what you love, while optimizing your visibility (SEO, working on algorithms, etc.).

A loyal audience

In addition to presenting qualitative content, it's crucial to understand that you need a solid audience. Please note: this doesn't necessarily mean a massive audience. It's entirely possible to succeed in affiliation with a small audience, provided it's receptive to your content. For example, many real estate influencers manage to make a living from their passion with just a few tens of thousands of subscribers. So you don't need to target millions of people to make a living from your passion, but you do need to target your work. Once again, it's the quality of your content that will attract a loyal audience.

Find affiliate programs

Once everything is in place, all you need to do is find affiliate programs. It's often advisable to start with Amazon Partenaires, as it's easy to access and offers a store where you can find almost anything. After that, you can aim higher and look for other stores by turning to platforms such as Awin, Affilae, Effiliation or Kwanko. On each of these platforms, you'll need to request access to the programs of the merchants whose offers you want to share (for example, Fnac is with Awin).

💡 If you want to share multiple programs, our affiliate platform aggregation solution could be very useful for you: one account and access to over 1,500 programs!

How do you present affiliated content to your audience?

Let's move on to the third step in monetizing your content through affiliation. Once you've ensured the quality of your content and registered with the merchants, it's time to put it into practice: using affiliation on a daily basis. A word of warning: the links we'll be talking about in the following lines are to be retrieved from the affiliation platforms (or from your Affilizz account if you're using our tool).

Video platforms (YouTube, TikTok...)

For a video, as on YouTube, you'd think it would be difficult, if not impossible, to do affiliate marketing. But there's a perfect place for it: the description. All you have to do is place the affiliate links there, mention it in the video (making it clear that you're earning a commission) and then leave it at that! It's easy, fast and often effective if you target your content well. Test or product presentation videos are particularly effective in affiliate marketing.

Social networks (Instagram, X, Facebook...)

On social networks, the cases are as multiple as they are different. On X and Facebook, for example, you have perfect visibility for links, since these are messages you post. On Instagram, we're closer to video platforms, with a link placed in the photo description. Here, the challenge is to make people want to buy with just a few photos or a short video.

Blogging (WordPress...)

If you're an influencer with a blog, affiliate marketing is a real Eldorado for you! You have the best conditions for sharing affiliate links with your audience, who read you every day. Learn how to structure your articles, present products, give your opinion, write a buying guide and insert affiliate links, price charts and maps.

How can Affilizz help you become an affiliate as a content creator?

At Affilizz, our credo is to simplify access to affiliation. If you want to concentrate on what's important to you as a content creator (i.e... creating content), the tool we've made available to you in just a few clicks could be a great help. By giving you immediate access to over 1,500 partners, you'll be able to :

  • Create affiliate links quickly
  • Search for products in our database
  • Build a price table or map
  • Monitor the performance of your affiliate content (clicks, transactions, eCPC...)
  • Customer service to support your affiliation projects
  • Etc.

Perhaps the best thing to do is to try out Affilizz and discover the many features available to you. As for the rest, you know better than us how to create content that appeals to your audience 😉

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Key points to remember

- Influencers benefit from the trust of their audience, which makes it easier to promote products via affiliate links.

-Unlike product placement, affiliation allows you to promote products from a variety of merchants, offering greater freedom in content creation.

- Affiliation allows you to generate income without waiting for a brand to contact you.

- To succeed in affiliation, it's crucial to produce quality content that interests and engages the audience.

- A solid audience, even a small one, can be enough to succeed in affiliation, as long as it's engaged and receptive.


Affiliate marketing as an influencer represents a valuable opportunity to diversify income streams while retaining creative freedom. By producing quality content and cultivating a loyal audience, influencers can monetize their passion effectively. Tools like Affilizz greatly facilitate this process, allowing creators to focus on what's essential: creating engaging content. In this way, affiliation becomes a winning strategy for those who wish to combine passion and profession.

About the author
Vincent Alzieu
General Manager

After successfully managing several companies in the tech world (Les Numériques, Doctissimo, Au Féminin...), Vincent Alzieu joined Affilizz as late co-founder in 2022 to bring his experience of media and affiliation.‍

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