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Affiliation on Twitch: how does it work?


Twitch is a streaming video platform, acquired by Amazon in 2014. Initially, streamers used the platform to share their video game games. Gradually, other streamers signed up and developed new themes such as tutorials, drawing, quizzes, political shows, even charity events like ZEvent.

Anyone with the necessary equipment can produce their own show on the platform. One of Twitch's distinctive features is its streamer payment model. Although anyone can watch a Twitch channel for free, a paid subscription system enables viewers to support the streamers' work.

How to become a Twitch affiliate

To benefit from the revenue generated by your fans' subscriptions on Twitch, you need to meet just one condition: be part of the Twitch affiliate program. Unlike a classic affiliate program, you don't get paid to generate sales on a third-party site. This time, it's a matter of generating subscriptions directly on the platform.

The requirements for becoming an affiliate on Twitch are fairly straightforward. You must :

  • get 50 subscribers
  • stream for at least 8 hours on 7 different days
  • have an average of 3 spectators.

If you meet these criteria for 30 days, you can apply to join Twitch's affiliate program. In this case, you'll receive a share of the revenue generated by your subscribers, ads and purchased bits.

💡 "Bits" are a virtual currency, used to buy emoticons and provoke actions on the Streamer channel.

How much can you earn as a Twitch affiliate?

According to the Twitch website, the revenue split is 50/50 between the streamer and the platform, after deducting taxes, payment management fees and bank and conversion charges. In terms of revenue projections, the better known your channel is, the more money you can earn. According to some estimates, the biggest French streamers earn over €50,000 a month.

Depending on the size of your channel and your audience, your strategy needs to be different. For example, a streamer broadcasting content aimed at a younger audience, such as games of Minecraft or Fortnite, will be better off relying on advertising, as its fanbase doesn't necessarily have a means of payment.

On the other hand, a channel offering more mature content aimed at an adult audience may choose to rely on subscriptions to apply less advertising pressure.

Live Twitch
Many streamers offer bonuses to their subscribers: live autographs, choice of subjects or unique emoticons.

What's the difference between Streamer, Twitch affiliate and Twitch partner?

A streamer is simply someone who broadcasts content on Twitch without necessarily seeking to monetize it.

A Twitch affiliate, as explained above, is a streamer who monetizes his or her channel via subscriptions or adverts.

A Twitch partner is someone who has already developed their channel significantly. Partners are the platform's key accounts, actively participating in its success and development. The criteria for becoming a partner are selective, so don't hesitate to consult the Twitch FAQ to find out more.

Classic affiliation on Twitch

Although Twitch offers an affiliation system, it differs significantly from traditional affiliate marketing. Strictly speaking, affiliation refers to a partnership between a publisher (you) and an advertiser (a brand). The advertiser rewards you when you direct a buyer to their website. (See our article on how to get started in affiliation)

It's entirely possible to combine a partnership with Twitch with affiliate marketing. You are entirely free to recommend products on your channel and redirect your subscribers to a partner. Twitch takes a flexible approach, allowing you to add hyperlinks below your video.

To maximize your chances of success :

  • Be transparent with your subscribers about your partnerships
  • Don't hesitate to point out the location of the link to your partner
  • Avoid promoting dubious products
  • Explain how your partnerships contribute to improving the quality of your content (e.g. investment in equipment).

Typically, Twitch is seeing the emergence of programs dedicated to bargains, with links sent into the chat as deals are highlighted. This can be during shows, incidentally, or on dedicated Live Shopping-type formats, on the occasion of special store operations such as Black Friday, winter and summer sales, French Days, Prime Days...

How do I get the most out of Twitch?

Being successful on Twitch means, in concrete terms, that you've succeeded in federating an active community on your channel. To achieve this, several conditions must be met:

  • The setup: Streaming on Twitch is far more complex than filming yourself with your smartphone to post on social networks. You need to invest in equipment to broadcast properly. In addition to a camera (or smartphone), you'll need a stand, a microphone, lighting and maybe even some knowledge of mixing if you want to film yourself at the same time as your video game games.
  • Frequency: Being a streamer means being present. As with prime-time programs, try to create a series of appointments with your community. Clearly announce at the end of each broadcast the purpose and date of your next stream.
  • Collaborations: The platform is full of streamers. Try to set up collaborations to promote your channel. Exchanges of good will are commonplace, and receiving a friend's end-of-stream raid is always a pleasure.
💡 Raid: when a streamer ends his session, he has the option of sending all viewers present to another stream.
  • Live: Twitch's strength lies in its ability to interact live with viewers. Read the chat, react, take in the opinions. Audience interaction creates closeness, which turns into engagement. This loyalty in turn generates subscriptions.
landing Twitch
On the Twitch home page, the most active streamers are highlighted.

Advantages and disadvantages of affiliation on Twitch


👍 Twitch offers monetization programs to help content creators earn money.
👍 The platform offers a unique system for interacting with your community.
👍 If you're a developer, you have plenty of customization options.


👎 Broadcasting on Twitch can be tedious, due to the hardware required and the broadcasting setup, which may not be straightforward.
👎 Twitch's audience is generally smaller than that of social networks.
👎 Being a streamer on Twitch requires a high level of involvement, with the need to stream often to keep your community interested.

Key points to remember

Affiliation on Twitch differs from traditional affiliation. Unlike social networks, which retain all revenues generated, Twitch offers to share earnings with content creators. Becoming an affiliate is also simpler than on other platforms, where you sometimes have to reach 10,000 subscribers before you can obtain a status. If you're not afraid of the technical side of things, have a passion for what you do, and enjoy sharing live, Twitch is the place for you.

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